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Locksmith Aachen: The door is closed, they are looking for help to open the door? If you have locked yourself out, we would be happy to help you get back into the apartment. Our unlocking service tries to open the door without damaging the lock so that the door lock does not have to be replaced. We also open the door when the key is on the inside of the lock.

Aachen: Locksmith near my
Locksmith near my – Aachen

Locksmith near me

Our locksmith Aachen is nearby, so you don’t have to wait long. Call us, we agree a fixed price for the service.

  • the key is broken in the lock
  • the key has been lost
  • the key has been stolen

The key is lost

The front door key or apartment door key has been lost? The key can get into the wrong hands. For security, we will install a new locking cylinder for you.

i lost the key
The key is lost
new cylinder locks
New cylinder lock

The door lock is broken

Can’t open or close the apartment door or front door because the door lock is broken? If the door lock stops working, contact our locksmith. We repair and renew door locks from many brands.

new Door Lock
Door lock for the apartment door

The mailbox is closed

The mailbox key has come away or has broken off and you can no longer get your letters? We open the mailbox and install a new mailbox lock.

mailbox, postbox is closed
the mailbox is closed